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Season 3 Begins

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In this episode, Doctor Geek and Mister Flask discuss the City of Tomorrow, and how their talents can add to the project.  But what makes a City of Tomorrow? Is it simply modern architecture where everyone is living in the clouds or under the sea?  No, it is more than that.

The City of Tomorrow addresses the ills of mid-20th Century urban development by creating a community designed to better meet the needs of its citizens. The focus on community and ecological practices are the cornerstones of New Urbanism.

While Doctor Geek was inspired by Walt Disney’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) even he had to admit only Walt could convince the world to build a domed city in the swamps of Florida.  Never for being one to give up, Geek and Flask come up with a solution that is out of this world.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Moss has been promoted to the new Director of Testing for the laboratory.  May God have mercy on her soul.

Special Note - This episode has a special appearance of Sacha Dzuba, as the Pirate Captain thanks to the audio drama Continuum Force, a Transmissions from Atlantis - Brazen Wench co production.  


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