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Mister Creature — Past Incarnations

Sacha Dzuba
The First Mr. Creature

Sacha Dzuba is an Actor, Multi-Instrumentalist Musician, Improviser, Composer, Writer, and Madman. Uniquely, Sacha has been around elements of science and technology since his birth…

The progeny of a bonafide mad scientist, Sacha’s father has been an inventor, tinkerer, and electronics whiz since before Sacha can remember. Working on high voltage projects in his tiny flat in England, Sacha’s father, to ensure his son’s safety, would ring and surround his highly dangerous workbench with large electrically charged capacitors. That way, if baby Sacha came crawling nearby, the capacitor would discharge with his touch giving him a slightly painful (but harmless) electrical shock. Sacha soon discovered that his father’s workbench was off limits…and proceeded to take the doors off their hinges inside the family flat, all before the age of 3!

Due to growing up in a technological wonderland, Sacha was quickly introduced to Jacob’s ladders, Tesla coils, Theremins, ultrasonic detection equipment, micro-cameras and transmitters, as well as numerous other high-tech inventions. So to say that science is in his DNA is an understatement.

Sacha Alexander Dzuba is a British-born actor based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He works in multiple areas of film, television, music, writing, voice acting, and podcasting; as well as visual and performance art. Some of Sacha's film highlights are acting in and scoring the Lion's Gate film Jack 'o Lantern, performing in the surreal fantasy puppet film Hitori (Ninja Puppet Prod. and Heather Henson's Handmade Puppet Dreams), and portraying the role of Doctor Craven in the steampunk re-imagining of The Secret Garden by Dogwood Studios. Favorite voice acting roles are in productions with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, Dr. Geek's Laboratory (of course), and Nubbin and Friends. Sacha also performs as a multi-instrumentalist musician with numerous bands, speaks and performs at a multitude of conventions, performs long-form improv, and writes for INsite magazine. A lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy, Sacha speaks on these and other subjects in podcasts, convention panels (notably Dragon*Con, TimeGate, Anachrocon, and 221bcon), and onstage in various performances. If you are craving more Sacha, he can be heard on the Articles of the Shadow Proclamation, The Oncoming Storm podcast, guesting on other Earth Station One shows, and in audio drama productions from the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.

Sacha is dedicated to bringing humor and science to the current generation, the next generation, and the previous generation…if it becomes possible within temporal and paradoxical constraints.

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