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Doctor Geek

From the Desk of Doctor Geek

Dr. Scott Viguié (a.k.a. Doctor Geek) holds two doctorate degrees and is an archaeologist, attorney, actor and author. Before his wife will permit him to go back to graduate school, yet again, he will have to promise to move on to something that starts with a "B". As luck would have it, Scott is also the first bionic man. Well, ... not exactly.

In reality, Scott was one of the first to undergo extensive orthopedic surgery to compensate for cerebral palsy. While these cutting edge techniques did in fact grant him the ability to walk, making him better ... stronger ... faster, his new abilities did not in fact come with the cool sound effects. S o began a lifelong obsession with science, technology, and the science fiction that inspires them.

Scott's love of all things science fiction and fantasy can be heard on various podcasts, including Articles of the Shadow Proclamation, Earth Station One, and Earth Station Who. Throughout the year, Scott travels the convention circuit, appearing at such conventions as Dragon*con, Time Lord Fest, and TimeGate, where he can be seen participating in Doctor Who related panels and speaking on such topics as "The Archaeology of Stargate".

Scott established Doctor Geek's Laboratory and Doctor Geek's Science Fair in the hope that it would encourage a rekindled sense of optimism for the future. That it would bring about enthusiasm for innovation. That it would bring the fictional world of tomorrow, one step closer to today.

Scott is also a consultant for the Science & Entertaiment Exchange, a volunteer network based out of Los Angles that connects productions with experts who can add a little science to the fiction.

To contact Doctor Geek directly, email him at: and follow him at

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It’s May and that means the summer convention season is about to begin!  We are honored to once again return to TimeGate(May 23rd-25th 2014).

This year is going to be a lot of fun.  Doctor Geek’s Laboratory will be participating on a full range of panels, Dr. Scott Viguie (Doctor Geek) and Debbie Viguie (Claire) will be joined by fellow Doctor Geek’s Laboratory cast members JC De La Torre (Rick) and Rita De La Torre (Sam).  Make sure to stop by and say hello, and don’t miss the panel devoted to Brazen Wench Productions LLC’s newest show Continuum Force


Fri. 8 pm Diggin into Atlantis (Abydos)

Fri. 9 pm The Good and Bad Science in TV and Film (Main)

Sat 1 pm Continuum Force (Abydos)

Sat 6 pm Science of Stargate (Abydos)

Sat 7 pm From Ghosties and Ghoulies (OtherWorlds)

Sun 10 am Myths and Legends in Doctor Who (Gallifrey)

Sun 11 am Pandorica Ever After (Gallifrey)

Sun noon Dr. Geek Live (Main)

Sun 1 pm Archaeology is Fun (Worlds of Wonder)

Sun 2 pm Stargate There and Back Again (Abydos)



Sat 10 am Project Northern Lights (OtherWorlds)

Sat 1 pm Writing and the Media (Library)

Sat 4 pm Arrow (OtherWorlds)

Sat 7 pm From Ghosties and Ghoulies (OtherWorlds)

Sun 10 am Myths & Legends in Doctor Who (Gallifrey)

Sun 11 am Pandorica Ever After (Gallifrey)

Sun noon Dr. Geek Live (Main)

Sun 3 pm How to Write a Great Story (Worlds of Wonder)


On September 27, 2014, The South Florida Museum is proud to present Doctor Geek’s Science Fair! A unique blend of science and fiction, Doctor Geek’s Science Fair combines a classic science fiction convention with a science fair.  In addition to the hands on activities, panels, exhibitors and vendors, students from all around have come to compete in our inaugural Applied Geekdom competition.


An all access pass that includes the planetarium presentations and the performance by The Ken Spivey Band (a Doctor Who Steampunk band) can be purchased in advance for $10.  Hurry tickets are limited.  Get your tickets today and enjoy a full day expo where you will have the opportunity to explore the future that is, the future that was and the future that has not yet come to pass.

Moment of Science - Hawking

Click here to view and listen

Download .MP3

It’s been a while, but I am proud to announce our latest episode! The investigation into the future of the 3D printer continues with hacker, maker, and geek extraordinaire Josh Pritt.  Meanwhile in a parallel universe Doctor Geek, Madame Oracle, Mister Creature and Intern Timmy must find their way home before Doctor Geek’s evil counterpart unleashes a replicating menace.

So why did it take so long between episodes? Well that would be a major spoiler!  What I can say is take a close look at this episode’s cover art.  That is a major hint.  You will be seeing our Future Sphere again real soon.  In the meantime, here is the latest activity pack created by Meagan for her homeschooling kids.  Join in on the fun!

Moment of Science - Hawking

Click here to view and listen

Download .MP3

Now that we have survived the 50th anniversary of that little show from England, we can now reveal the conclusion of the contest between Doctor Geek and Professor Pedantic.

This episode also marks the beginning of our investigation into the 3D printer.  How long will it be before we can print a cup of Earl Grey tea?