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Amazon has just announced the development of a new robot assisted delivery service that will get you your purchases in 30 minutes. Check out the video below to see a demonstration of this potential service.

The “octocopters” aren’t ready to take flight yet. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in an interview on 60 Minutes.  The drones would be ready to take flight in four to five years. But an Amazon spokesperson pointed to an updated post on the company’s website promising aerial deliveries as soon as federal rules change. Those FAA rules could come as soon as 2015. The type of flights Bezos proposed are currently not allowed. Unlike some other drones currently used, these would be autonomous — they would fly without a pilot.

In episode 9 (S2E3) we concluded our first investigation into robots with an interview with Dr. Stephen Granade.  Dr, Granade is an expert on robotic helicopters,  Listen to the episode to see what he thinks is the future for this type of robot.


It was a blast celebrating Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary!  We spent most of November going up and down the state of Florida appearing at multiple events for the Osceola County Library System and of course Ken Spivey’s Time Lord Fest.

Ken informs me that my discussion, “The Science of Doctor Who” was the best attended and received of all the panel discussions that day.  I think it did not hurt that we had Robert Doyle as a special guest.  Robert gave us an update on his TARDIS in Orbit project as well as a tease of his upcoming project –Sons.  If you would like to have Doctor Geek or any of the lab staff to appear at your event please contact us at