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Investigation: Flying Car

Moment of Science - Hawking

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I am proud to announce the 2nd episode of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom.  This is not a Halloween trick, just an October surprise.   I am so proud of my staff. This is quite literally a quantum leap from our first episode.

So what is in this episode?  In addition to our interview with Dr. Paul Moller, of Moller International, maker of the Skycar, this episode has everything!  It has tests and challenges! Devices of such lethal cunning!  Confused?  Don’t worry it will make sense ….eventually.    Don’t believe me?  Check it out on here on the website or subscribe in iTunes under Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Podcast.

For more information about the Moller Skycar, check out our YouTube channel, and

The Investigation into the Flying Car Continues

Welcome everyone, to my laboratory.  It sure feels good to be able to say that!

Our first episode focusing on the flying car is available.  You can find it on the episodes page of our website or Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Podcast in the ITunes store.  Please subscribe to our show.

We have been very busy around here.  You will notice updates slowly but surely coming to the laboratory’s website.  In the meantime make sure to follow us on:


Twitter:     @drgeeklab


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The laboratory’s website is still under construction, but we wanted to make sure you got a sneak peek inside.  Doctor’s Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom is a place for dreamers, builders, inventors, and those who support them.

The first question we should answer is:  What is applied geekdom?

As discovered here in the lab, the phenomenon of Applied Geekdom is more than a passive interest in fiction.  It’s the application of that passion to realize those concepts that inspire us, to fulfill their promise and potential. To bring them into reality.  It’s science from fiction. How applied geekdom expresses itself, is all relative to the individual.

Let us know what applied geekdom means to you!  Send your responses

The second question we should answer is:  What is the subject of the first investigation?

Our first investigation examines flying cars, of course!  We will examine how flying cars have become integral to visions and interpretations of the future.  Then we talk to the companies and designers who are working to bring the flying car to a garage near you, making the car of tomorrow a reality today.  In fact, we’re just about finished with this investigation so you can expect us to start airing episodes of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory in the near future.  In the meantime make sure to subscribe to our website’s RSS feed, follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page so you won’t miss a moment of the fun.