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Geekdom Applied

Well, I’ve actually started working on the “Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit,” and surprisingly, even when dealing with tiny parts like this:

my not-really-that-steady hands have managed to make both the switch and the battery compartment! (The battery compartment is the white thing on the top left in the photo below.)

So, overall a successful start!  I had to get a little help from my husband to get the first tiny metal piece through the plastic back of the switch, as my nails are mightily brittle, but I managed the rest by myself.

Sense of accomplishment is go!

I recently developed a sudden interest in electronics.

…Okay, that’s not strictly speaking true.  I’ve had a vague interest in electronics for ages now, but I’ve been too lazy to do much about it. (I got as far as starting one project a while back, but it’s still sitting half-done on top of one of my bookcases. Don’t get too close.  It’s dusty.)

What well and truly caught my interest this time? Well…it was several things that I ran across in rapid succession: the Raspberry Pi, Arduino Boards, Lego Mindstorms, and an interesting electronics kit.  Oh, and I found out that you can hack Roombas, but that will have to come later. They’re expensive.

Anyway, suddenly it seemed like I couldn’t turn around without running across some new topic relating back to electronics, robotics, computers, or a combination of the three.   Luckily for me, my Husband is likewise interested in these topics. So, in short order, we got a Raspberry Pi for the house network, an Arduino Board for me, and an electronics kit that isn’t so very much in English.

I’m basically starting from scratch, so Dr. Geek asked me to do a build diary as I try to figure out what I’m doing.  This way other beginners can join me on my journey.  I mean, I have to keep going or I’ll never get to hack a Roomba, right?  Right.

I decided to start with this kit:

Wish me luck!

Moment of Science - Hawking

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