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Moment of Science - Hawking

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Meet Robert and Alex Doyle, the father / daughter team who are sending a TARDIS into Orbit for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  There is still time to support their project before the Kickstarter ends on June 29th 2013.


Once the projects funds, stay connected to this dynamic duo by following their progress on their Facebook Page

This is a big day for me.  My first book, Archaeology In Fiction, is now available via Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.  I have taken my popular Archaeology in Fiction discussion which I have presented at various sci-fi and fantasy conventions and transformed it into an in depth discussion of Archaeology as it is depicted in fiction.

What is the truth? In this book we will explore:

  1. The fictions surrounding archaeology
  2. Why we love and perpetuate those fictions
  3. What the truth behind the fiction really is

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

Archaeology In Fiction is available here.

I’m not very good at sticking with one project alone, so it shouldn’t be any surprise to you all to know that I’ve also gotten my bits and pieces together to work on an Arduino project.

At this point, I’m sure that some of you are wondering what the heck an “Arduino” is. Well, let me tell you:

“Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.”   – Arduino –

More specifically, though, we are talking about the Arduino Board (or generic equivalent), which is basically a tiny computer that can help you do things like…make Robots.

You see why I’m so interested.

Sadly, I have a bit of work to do before I can build my robot army.  The book I will be working from is a bit out of date, so if you want more info, you can probably find it on the Arduino website.  If you have a hankering to follow along as I limp my way slowly through, you can do so with Beginning Arduino by Michael McRoberts.

Apparently, my first project will be an LED Flasher.  But first, I have to do some set up.

Cue the ominous music.

Well, I’ve actually started working on the “Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit,” and surprisingly, even when dealing with tiny parts like this:

my not-really-that-steady hands have managed to make both the switch and the battery compartment! (The battery compartment is the white thing on the top left in the photo below.)

So, overall a successful start!  I had to get a little help from my husband to get the first tiny metal piece through the plastic back of the switch, as my nails are mightily brittle, but I managed the rest by myself.

Sense of accomplishment is go!