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Episode 2 Reference Library Contest!

You may have noticed quite a few pop and geek culture references in our podcasts.  Well, now you have a chance to put your observational powers to good use!  Identify as many of the references as you can and submit a list via the form below.  Include your name, email address, and the total number of references you found as well as the references themselves (so we can check your work).  IMPORTANT: you need list only references from the scriptedportions of the show.  Any references contained within either the interview with Dr. Moller or the Geek Culture segment will NOT be counted.   When submitting, write out the quote (or enough of it to make it clear what you’re referencing) and what movie/television show/book it came from.  For example:

“Elevators, Oracles, and Skycars, Oh My!” – homage to the Wizard of Oz

One point will be awarded for each reference that we consider valid.  One bonus point may be obtained by liking us on our Facebook page which can be found by clicking here.  Additional bonus points will also be given for each friend that you get to like our Facebook page up to a total of 5.  Please indicate in your entry if you have liked our page and the names of those who have liked our page at your suggestion.

The person who has the greatest number of points will win a Dr. Geek’s Lab coffee mug AND a $10 Amazon gift card.  In the event of a tie we will have a drawing to determine the winner.  The winner will also be entered into an end-of-season contest where they will have an opportunity to compete for an awesome grand prize.  The deadline for entry is Tuesday, November 20th.  The winner will be announced on Thanksgiving.  Good luck everyone!